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30 Confucius quotes to live a happy and fulfilling life

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to feel motivated to reach your goals? We all sure want that. But there are times when you feel discouraged, when you stop seeing the wonderful things in your life or think you can not achieve your goals. The following 30 Confucius quotes have the power to tilt your perspective, to motivate you and help you enjoy life more.

Why Confucius? He was one of a kind thinker. Just take into consideration the fact that his thinking influenced Chinese people and culture for more than 2000 years. Indeed, his ideas shaped the Chinese society for so many generations to the point that some believe that his teachings on moderation are responsible for the moderate character of many Chinese. Confucius quotes and ideas remain inspirational for us today, teaching us how to enjoy life to the full and pursue our goals relentlessly, while being good, humble and authentic persons.

Here are 30 Confucius quotes to inspire you to have the life you desire:

Confucius quotes on living a happier life

1. Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

confucius quote on life

2. We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.

confucius quote about life

3. The ultimate revenge is living well and being happy. Hateful people can’t stand happy people.

4. We take greater pains to persuade others that we are happy than in endeavoring to think so ourselves.

5. Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

6. I hate to tell you but now is all there ever is.

now confucius quote

7. Your life is what your thoughts make it.

confucius quote on life and thoughts

8. Roads were made for journeys not destinations.

9. One joy dispels a hundred cares.

10. I want you to be everything that’s you, deep at the center of your being.

11. Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

12. Do everything in moderation, even moderation.

confucius quote on moderation

Confucius sayings on motivation and effectiveness

13. Don’t use a cannon to kill a mosquito.

14. Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes.

15. He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.

16. The man who says he can, and the man who says he can not.. Are both correct.

17. It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

confucius quote on life as a journey

18. The journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step.

19. The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.

20. Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

21. A lion chased me up a tree, and I greatly enjoy the view from the top.

22. Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.

quote by confucius diamond

23. And remember, no matter where you go, there you are.

24. Better light a candle than curse the darkness.

25. All people are the same; only their habits differ.

26. Anyone can find the switch after the lights are on.

27. He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions.

28. As the water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it, so a wise man adapts himself to circumstances.

29. It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them.

30. To be wronged is nothing, unless you continue to remember it.

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